Monday, February 27, 2017

Tight Quarters

👀Good evening, Peeps

I'm sipping on a cuppa tea (and it's so-ooo yummy tonight!) and watching a little bit of the telly.  I'm waiting for my 9:00 program to come on so I'm messing around on the laptop a little, also.
On Saturday morning my BIL came over and built the additional shelves for me so I could re-organize some of my sewing & crafting supplies.  It was simple enough, he just added two more shelves as there was already one.  Nothing fancy or real decorative -- they're for function, not beauty.

After getting my stuff loaded up on them, I shoved the table into the closet and set up my machine and my notions.  It's a better set-up now and I no longer have to sew in the living room.  Well, other than using the treadle which is still in there.  With the table mostly in the closet, there's so much more space in the room.  It truly helps so much.
Sunday was busy with church and visiting my parents with my sisters.
Today I was too fatigued (I have fibromyalgia) to sit and sew.
Speaking of "tight quarters," I wanted to share this photo I saw today on Pinterest.
 The interesting comment below the photo was that a family of fifteen people
lived in this cabin until the 1930s. 
I don't know how they managed but apparently they did.
Just goes to show it's about priorities.
After seeing this, I no longer feel it's ok to complain about my small room!
Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My First Sewing Machine

I've been sitting here enjoying my Saturday morning coffee and I started thinking about my first sewing machine.  I borrowed this photo from ebay because it reminds me of my first one.  When it quit working back in the early 1990s I tossed it out instead of saving it.  I thought I'd never want to see it again but now I wish I'd kept it for nostalgia's sake.

Here's the story of that old vintage Sears Kenmore machine .....................................................

Back in the late 1960s,  I was a young married with a two-year-old and very little money to spend on things like sewing machines.  I wanted one so very much and one day I saw an ad in the newspaper that Sears had a machine for only $59.  I got myself and my little boy cleaned up and we went shopping.  Downtown. 

The salesman showed me the machine and told me how very wonderfully it sewed, how well-made it was, you know, the sales pitch.  I didn't care about anything except that I had enough cash to pay for it and I could take it home with me.  It was just about the color of this one above but I can't remember much more about the dials and gadgets.  I paid for it and was ready to leave the store and had to carry the thing in my arms as the $59 did NOT include the cover.  I got the machine head and the base it set on.  That's it.  And I was SO happy that I didn't care one bit.  Other than it weighed a lot and carrying it to my parking place wasn't so fun.  Years later I bought a like new case at a garage sale for $2 and that completed my sewing so perfectly.

That machine was used to make curtains, clothing, crafts, hemming, alterations, and anything else that I could think of that needed sewn.  It died on me in 1993 when I was making a poodle skirt to wear to a 1950s party.  The machine froze up solid and nothing would make it do anything.  The needle wouldn't go up or down, nothing would happen.  It was as if it had died.

I went shopping for a new machine and had no idea what I wanted or what I could afford.  The machine I bought was a Pfaff Hobbymatic, non-electronic, because it was at the price I was willing to pay.  I loved that Pfaff and it sewed like a dream.  And it still does and I still love it.  Since then, I've added a Bernina and a Viking, plus a few old-time vintage machines to my sewing collection.  Can a woman own too many?  I guess I'd have to say, "nope."

I'd love for you to tell me about the very first machine you owned.  Please share your story!

Gotta' go for now.  TTFN.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sewing Room Undergoing Re-organization - Not Quite Finished Yet

Sometimes at night before I fall asleep, ideas will pop into my mind.
I had such an idea and have been busy at work moving things here and there and everywhere.
Dirty, tiring work.
But it's coming together.
I'll try to be back here with photos before too many days are passed by.
I'm at a standstill because I am waiting for my BIL to come over and add one more shelf that's needed.  As soon as that's completed, I can finish up.
This change is going to be very helpful, I think!
And that always makes me feel so excited!
xo xo xo

Monday, February 20, 2017

UFO #1 On List - Precious Moments Nativity - Completed!

💕💗💕I have achieved the first completion on the sidebar list of UFOS and WIPS that I've decided to give some attention to.  Yesterday I took the final stitches in the outlining and it is DONE!
This little counted cross-stitch nativity was started in the early 1980s, I am guessing maybe 1985.  The way I know how to date it is from the light pinkish stain on the left side in the background.  When that little accident occurred I did the best I could to remove the stain and then I don't remember doing much stitching on it after that.
The stain isn't showing up much in the above photo although I can pick out a wee bit.

I see a few places that are stained in this photo.
How the stain got there:
Back somewhere around 1986, I was in the car with my then DIL and grandson.  She was driving and we were sitting at a stand-still on an exit ramp at St. Louis because of a traffic holdup of some kind.  My grandson was maybe two years old, or less, and he dropped his juice box -- it fell onto floorboard of the car, right on top of my stitchery project that I'd been working on as we rode along.
The stain was bright at that time and I thought it had ruined the nativity but later I decided that it was a forever memory of that time spent with my little grandson.  Over the years the stain has faded and is now so light it's hardly noticeable.
I'm not sure how I'm going to use it.  I possibly will frame it and put it on the wall, or I might make a little pillow with it.  Undecided at the moment.
This photo above is that little grandson.  He's all grown up and is a wonderful man and I'm SO proud of him!
And that's the rest of the story.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Turning UFOS into WIPS

This morning I woke up early and made it to church for the early service.  When I returned home I had some coffee and a migraine came on suddenly so I've been sitting and resting for a while.  I'm beginning to feel better.
I have made a list of all my UFOS and WIPS and have organized everything so that I will be reminded to work on them.

Here's a snap I just took - Sorry for the poor photo.
This is only the stitchery UFOS.
Some of these have been around since I was young and thin.  HA HA
How I get myself into the mess of UFOS I'm not so sure because I never considered myself
to have ADD or ADHD, but there's some reason why I start projects and then move on!
I don't know and I suppose that doesn't matter.
I plan to get busy on these and work on them until I have completed projects.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not swearing that I won't do other projects too, or even begin new ones, but I am promising myself to also spend time on these older ones.
The sweet Precious Moments counted cross stitch was started back in the mid-early 1980s.  It's almost finished, just needs a few more places stitched with the outlining.  That's the one I'm going to finish first.
I want to welcome the new readers that I've heard from and the new Followers.  Thank you all!
Wishes to you for a happy and safe stitching Sunday.
xo xo xo  connie xo xo xo

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Simple Beauty

Oh, the sky is so gray this morning.  What a contrast from yesterday's sunshine.
I snapped these sweet little crocuses with my phone yesterday afternoon. 
They have popped up here and there on our front lawn.
These are slightly blu-ish.
 These are a bit more purple.
Definitely, signs of spring.  But, we could have cold weather again, just like that.
I'm going to do a little organizing of crafty stuff today and probably some sewing too.
Yesterday I sorted through my embroidery supplies and decided to eliminate some of the counted cross stitch stuff that I'm surely never going to have time to use ever again.  I'm keeping only a few patterns, a bit of cloth, and, of course, all my floss.  The rest is already in a bag to be passed on to someone.  I'm going to check with my sisters and nieces and DILs first.
One of my next organizing projects is to tidy up my fabric stash.  All the stacks were once so straight and neat but I've moved them around so much that they're messy.  I do not like the place where I'm keeping them but I don't have a better idea so far.  Maybe something will come to mind.
Wishing you a great weekend.
xo xo xo

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Memories of a Sudsy Nature

Welcome, Peeps!  How are you today?  I was sitting here at lunch time, drinking a Diet Pepsi and eating a turkey sandwich, and for no particular reason, I turned on the TV to check out what was on.  I don't normally watch daytime TV, so it's rarely on before our evening meal.

As I was flipping channels, I recognized the faces of "Julie" and "Doug" on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, a soap opera I watched decades ago.  In fact, I watched it from it's inception in November, 1965, until sometime in the 1970s.  Well, I hung around and watched the entirety of the program to see if I recognized any other characters.  I got to thinking about other soaps and I did some sleuthing on the 'Net and came up with this list of soaps that I had watched, back in the day::

As The World Turns
Another World
Dark Shadows
Days of Our Lives
The Doctors
General Hospital
Never Too Young (starred Tony Dow and Tommy Rettig)
One Life to Live
Paradise Bay  (starred Marion Ross who was "Mrs. C" on Happy Days)
The Young Marrieds  (starred Charles Grodin, Lee Meriwether, Brenda Benet)
All My Children
The Young and the Restless
Additionally, I watched Peyton Place, a nighttime soap in the 1960s.

Back then, when the time came that my interest began to dwindle, and the lame story lines were too silly much of the time, I gave up all of my soaps cold turkey.  For a while I missed seeing the people who had become like friends and family (ha ha) but I moved on well enough.  Yet, still today I felt a flash of nostalgia for almost an hour. 

I wish there was a well-written, well-acted, and well-produced daily daytime drama series every afternoon around the time I need a little coffee break.  If there was, I'd watch it.  How about you?  Were you (or are you still) a soap opera fan?

Thanks for your visit today.  Be well and enjoy your time, wherever you are.
And be sure to tune in again for the next episode!

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Quilt In Retrospect

💗Hello on this Monday, Dear Peeps.
Today my laptop is behaving nicely so the work done on it yesterday seems to have fixed the problems I had experienced.
I've been quite busy as I've been finding delicious blogs to add to my blog roll on my sidebar and to Follow as a reader.  The list is now well over 100 which is great.  Usually there are updated posts on several every day which makes for a good period of time for reading as I enjoy morning coffee. 
Yesterday was unproductive in regards to sewing and stitching so I'm showing pics of a quilt I made two years ago.  The fabric collection was designed by Susan Branch
 I machine pieced the top then quilted it on my Millennium longarm.
I sold the longarm a year ago when we moved back to Indiana.  Our house doesn't have space for it.
This is the last quilt I've completed.  For quite a long time I did very little sewing at all but recently my interest has returned and I've been busy with UFOs. 
(I wrote a little about them in previous posts.)
Gosh, there are SO MANY projects I'd love to start.  Kind of like going to a buffet and one's
"eyes are bigger than their stomachs," as my mom used to say when we would fill our plates but be unable to eat everything.  My desire to make things can just stir up my imagination but then how busy do I allow myself to be?  I get lazy and say to myself, "I'll do it tomorrow."  But, sometimes tomorrow is not so productive either. 
But that's no reason to quit, right?  I think I'm just over-excited like a kiddo in a toy store and I want to do it all.
Ha Ha Ha
If only I would.
I think maybe my lazy streak pops up a little too often!
Well, dear ones, I'll leave you now and perhaps, after we eat our dinner, I'll do some hand piecing on my grandmother's flower garden.  I'm almost, but not quite, half way finished on joining all the flower blocks.  Progress is slow but it's coming along.  When I do finish, there will likely need a border added.  Well, I'll have to see when the time comes.
Love to you all!
xo xo xo

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Laptop Glitches + Blogger Problems = Frustration!

Today I had to restore my laptop to the factory settings.
Once it was back in usable condition today, I found a page of comments and/or emails from blog readers that I'd never seen before.  I think what happened is when I created my blog, the email address I used on Blogger wasn't the one I use for every day.  I thought I'd already corrected that error quite some time ago, but, apparently I didn't save the changes, or I did something else that was incorrect.  Anyway, I'm SO SORRY if I caused anyone to think I had ignored their comments and emails.  I do appreciate each one and want to make sure that I share that thought with you.
 Once I was able to log into my email and stuff, I then had a terrible experience in getting logged into my blog.  I repeatedly received the message that I didn't have a blog.  Without boring you with details, I'll write only that it seems to be ok now since I was able to log in to compose this post.
I do hope that all the glitches and technical difficulties are history!
I'm going to now go read all those comments / emails and hopefully reply, etc.
And I'll try to be back soon with a post about anything but this topic.
Thanks again ............
xo xo xo Connie

Saturday, February 11, 2017


💖A sneak peek of a small project that I'm treadle sewing.

I do enjoy using the treadle machine but I'm not sure how much my knees are going to tolerate.
 Time will tell.
It took me twice as long to stitch these on the treadle as it would have on a modern machine
 but I'm not going for speed.
Next comes a bit of machine quilting which I hope goes well on the treadle also.
If you also sew on a treadle, I'd love for you to leave a comment telling me how long you've been treadling and more.

Thanks for stopping by.
xo  connie  xo

Friday, February 10, 2017

A New Project And Hoping I Can Make It!

💗💗💗Good Friday morning, dear Peeps and Friends!
I do hope you are having a lovely day.
On Pinterest I've seen so many gorgeous Farmer's Wife quilt blocks that I want to make this quilt.  I just placed an order on amazon for the book so I've made a commitment but, knowing me, I wonder if I will stick with it and actually git-er-dun. 
At one time I purchased the Dear Jane quilt book & CD and gave it a whirl.  After making nine of the blocks, I caved in and quit.  I had multiple reasons for doing so and I'm not regretting that I quit.  I sold the book and software and that ended that.  The Farmer's Wife may become a project that turns into a UFO.  Time will tell.
This quilt in pic below was a block-of-the-month from a quilt shop in Australia.  The designer is Leanne Beasley and the quilt name is "Journey of a Quilter."  I was quite slow in completing it.  I machine pieced it and the applique and embroidery were done by hand stitches.  It isn't quilted yet but I plan to get it quilted either by myself or machine quilted by a friend, perhaps.  I'm still undecided.

Leanne Beasley is so talented and I might do another of her BOM projects eventually.  She has some others that are just as beautiful.  I love the color palettes she uses and also her designs.
Today I want to do some treadle sewing so I'm going to say TTFN.
I'm glad you visited my blog.  Have a great weekend!
xo xo xo

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue

Happy Sunday, Peeps!
I honestly didn't intend to go AWOL for almost three weeks.  For some reason I never got back to blog-ville until today.  Some things did come up which got in the way of my blogging.  The other distraction was that I've been doing some heavy-duty house cleaning and that took several days.  Now that's out of the way, I'm finding some time for resting in my chair and being on the 'net now and then.  I do wish that house-cleaning lasted but that's a dream.  Perhaps I will try harder to keep it up though and not allow the dust to settle for too long.
I was on Facebook earlier and on one of the quilting groups there was a thread about Sunbonnet Sue quilts.  I've not been a SS fan much but when a friend showed me this pic of a SS quilt I loved it.  I posted this pic on the thread to share with the other quilters.
"The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue"
(You can read more about the quilt here.)
It's Super Bowl Sunday and John invited a high school buddy and his wife over for some eats and to enjoy watching the game together.  I don't know if the mrs. is a fan but if she's not I suspect we will find other things to talk about.  I'm not much of a sports fan and it doesn't interest me.  I'd prefer to watch a movie or something else actually.  Even the half-time entertainment doesn't interest me.  Rarely is there an entertainer for the show that I care about watching and this year is no different, that's for sure.  I expect the performer will seize the moment to make some political statement which, in my opinion, is completely inappropriate.  The Super Bowl is a sports event, not political. 
There, I've got that off my chest.
Because I've been busy with so many other things since my last post, I have nothing new for show & tell.  I haven't had time to sew or knit, although I've been continuing with the hand-piecing of my GFG.  That is such slow sewing so I won't bore you with yet another photo of it.
There's some food prep I need to be starting so I'll say 'bye for now and get busy in the kitchen.  I hope your day is a great one.  See you next time!  TTFN
xo xo xo