Friday, July 21, 2017

My Great-Grandfather

Today my sister and I are visiting a relative to learn more about our great-grandfather.

He was a farmer and preacher as well.

In his older years he would still sit and read his bible.

I don't remember him at all because he died when I was very young.

My mom told us that for a period of time he would farm all day, walk to town to preach, and this could last until midnight, and then walk home to get a bit of sleep before getting up to start another day.

Both my sister and I are researching our family tree and we are eager to hear more about this man.  One of my grandsons is named after him.

Perhaps I'll glean enough info about him to compose a story.


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  1. I hope you track down more of his history and gather other family information along the way. Good luck.