Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Troubling Times

Hello to you.  The past few weeks have been more than stressful.  John's daughter became engaged to be married only a few months ago and a week ago her fiancé suffered a fatal heart attack.  Then, my son was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and spent a week there being treated for life-threatening illnesses.  He was given excellent care and was released to his home yesterday but has some mending to do.  I've been with him most of the time at the hospital and finally today I'm at home with time for some rest.  Today is my son's birthday and he is so thrilled that he is at home and not still in the hospital.  I made sure he has a cake and birthday gift yesterday as I drove him home.  I hope today he just sits back, rests, and enjoys being alive, as I will.  Life is only a vapor and we never know what the next moment, hour, or day will bring.  Let us all celebrate life.  💜💚💙


  1. Life is but a fleeting dream for sure, Connie. Happy to hear he's come home to mend and rest.
    My hubby is in hospital right now with his 5th episode of blockage...we are trying to come to terms with this. Being home alone is strange.
    Thank heavens for my sewing projects..Life is chock full of ups and best wishes for you both...hugsx2 Julierose

  2. Absolutely just a fleeting moment. My son is coming home today after 4 weeks in hospital. Good to hear your son is safe and well, sewing projects are a lifesaver. Hugs.x

  3. omg Connie so much has happened in your family ,i pray everybody is ok and that now you can rest,sending you a big hug xx

  4. I am so sorry to hear your very sad news Connie. I hope that your son is on the mend quickly now xxx

    1. Very good post, Connie, and so true. So sorry about John's daughter's fiancé, and so thankful your son is on the mend. God is good!