Friday, June 9, 2017

Quilt Memories

Hello Peeps! 💜
How are you today?

Today I am looking back a few years to some warm quilt themed memories,
I hope you enjoy them.

Granddaughter ABBY finishing the binding on a quilt she made by herself.

ABBY again with the first sewing-quilting project she made by herself.
This is one of my favorite photos of her.

  One of my quilts displayed at my friend's outdoor quilt show at her shop / home.
This was probably about ten years ago.

This pic of me was taken on the deck of my house in Illinois.
I was doing hand appliqué for a quilt border.  I ended up not using it.

I was taking a quilt class at the shop my friend owns, the one who had the quilt show.

One of my grandsons under a crib quilt that I made.

Life has been so rewarding and good.  I loved spending lots of time with Abby as she was growing up and teaching her how to sew and to make her quilts.  She's in college now and too busy to sew at this time but she still loves it.

The baby in above photo is now six years old.  I made the quilt for his older brother when he was a newborn and it was reused for the younger boys when they were born.

I have another granddaughter who is eleven and wants me to help her sew pillowcases so that's going to be happening this summer.  I told her I would take her shopping to select some fun fabric.  I haven't made pillowcases but surely it won't be too difficult.

What are some of your favorite quilt-related memories?

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  1. Lovely posting today--great photos--
    When I made my 1st "Going Away to College" GATC) quilt for my son, he told me that his roommates all made fun of it saying,"Ooooh, your 'Mommy" sent you a blankie!" But when it got cold he'd come back to his dorm and find them bundled up in taunting then--they fought over it.
    And so began my GATC quilt career....I have just finished 4 for my daughter's four children for when they go to college.
    My first grandson, Steven, goes this Fall--an honors actuarial student, who loves math--so I made his quilt "A Piece of Pi" (spiderweb pattern) with a reverse Christmas side.. all the others are hanging up waiting for each one to go....a bit of home to take with them...hugs, Julierose

  2. What a lovely post. So nice to have passed on your skills to the next generation x