Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Little Green Craft Cart

While I was in town for my doctor appointment last week, I made a craft shop stop.  This cart was half-price and I snagged a cute green one.  I've seen them on sale many times but never wanted one before.  I put it together myself (wow!) and it was simple.  I've filled it with some scrapping supplies.  I liked it so much that I placed an online order for two more before the sale ended.  They should be here in a few days.

For one thing, I love organizing.  And secondly, all of these supplies were stored in cupboards or drawers.  I wasn't putting them to use so my theory is that if they are easily accessed I will tend to use them more.  That's why I wanted two more carts.  One will be used for the art supplies like markers, paints, and so on, and the other one will probably be a sewing cart, unless I use it for my bible study supplies.  Will wait and see.

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  1. I have a cart similar to yours for my hand sewing supplies. I like the idea of using one for Bible study supplies, though! Thanks!

  2. the trolley looks great......and well organised.......

  3. Love your cart, Connie! I just got a new sewing / craft room, and that would come in handy. i plan to blog about the craft room once I get it organized. I've been out of town for a month so everything has gotten behind. thanks for your sweet comment on my new grandson. I appreciate it!