Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What is Clutter?

Happy May!
Now, where did April go?  Way too fast, for sure.
Time passes while I do just ordinary stuff like organizing, purging, etc., plus hanging out with the grandkids more.  I haven't used the sewing machine in a month, probably, but I have been in the sewing room trying to organize the storage to better utilize the space and I did move my sewing tables by switching them around.
Additionally, I've been crawling around in the attic as I'm purging some of the stuff up there.  My goal is to eliminate things I don't use now and know I won't be later.
I'll try to add another post without letting another month escape.
xo xo xo


  1. Totally agree about the clutter, I am trying to unclutter also.

  2. It seems to be a trend and I'm following it too. I'm trying to pass the useful items on rather than creating more landfill.

  3. You are busy! Good! :-)