Sunday, May 7, 2017

Rethinking The Fabric Storage

The storage I've been using for my stash isn't working out so well
so I'm refolding
and organizing the stacks by color, type, etc.

I am going to put the stacks into cube bookcases instead of
returning them to the drawers which were not at all to my liking.

There is still more to be folded but soon I'll have it finished.  Yay!
xo xo xo


  1. There seem to be so many ways to store fabric, finding a way that suits is a bit of trial and error. I'd love to have it all on display if it didn't fade.

  2. Curating the stash seems to be a never ending task, but it IS so much fun to fondle the fabric as we work, isn't it! Might as well have fun.

  3. Good work on your stash... I think I need to do something with mine - pulling it all out and sorting it by colour sounds like a wise idea... I could get lost in there for hours though - but I will be having fun!