Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Sisters Retreat At My House

Hi Ho!  I'm here to post a bit about the sisters' retreat at my house which we had two weeks ago.

They arrived on a Tuesday and we were able to set up tables and machines quickly and get busy.

The three of them were scrapbooking and I was sewing.

It was so fun there wasn't really a lot of snacking going on!

I played oldies music on my iPod and there was some singing along going on too.

One of my sisters brought along a housewarming gift to me as I moved here a year ago.  I'll tell about it soon in a different post.  I love her wrapping idea.  The pic on it is of me when I was at a beach eons ago.

I finished up the machine quilting of all the remaining siggy blocks and all the trimming to size.
I'll tell about it later sometime as well.

Our first retreat was a big success and we determined to repeat it again.

I've heard from some of you and gained a couple more Followers and I want to thank you ladies!
I hope to return soon with another post.
xo xo xo


  1. What fun to have a sisters' retreat! I'm going to have to suggest that to my sister and sister-in-law. They are like sisters to me. Glad it was productive, too! And you are right... the wrapping on your gift is adorable!

  2. Oh it looks like you all had a wonderful time, what a great way to spend time with sisters or family , friends for that matter. Perfect :)

  3. Hi Conniw ,what a wonderful time you had with your sister's,so much fun to all do what you love doing together xx

  4. Love that you enjoyed a sisters creative weekend gathering. What a treat, this retreat!

  5. Hi Connie, what a lovely idea to set aside a retreat to be with your sisters. You definitely look like you meant business. So glad you had a great time together x