Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's National Quilting Day So I Should Be Quilting

Happy National Quilting Day to all my quilting peeps!
I would enjoy doing some quilting but I'm not feeling quite up to par today.  In fact, I've felt a nagging icky feeling since Monday.  No fever.  No acute symptoms.  Just fatigue (worse than usual) and some other blah, non-specific stuff.  Yesterday was better and I thought I was back to normal but then today I'm not.  So since I'm not quilting, I am going to begin a new book.  I bought this one used around Christmas time but haven't read a word of it yet.  It came recommended so I'm going to see how I like it.  I just started another book a few days ago and the story line is very good but it contains writing that I find offensive so I quit.  That book is soon going to be out of here.  I haven't read any others by Stephen King so I don't know what to expect.
I have a great-niece who is about 18 months old and she loves to carry around a purse or a bag on her shoulder.  I'm also a bag person so I understand how important they are!  I am wanting to sew a little one for just her size.  She's tiny and doesn't need more than a tiny bag.
Here's a snap I took of her during the coffee & donut time at church recently.
She's just a little dolly!
The  two little guys are her brothers who are so precious.
If I do happen to get her little bag sewed, I'll pop in to post a pic.
'Till next time, have a great day!
xo xo xo


  1. Hope you feel better. I was tired all week too. I blame the time change. I added the borders to my latest quilt top today. Your babies are so cute. All little girls need lots of purses. 😄

  2. That's no good Connie. We. We'd to listen to our bodies so if it persists have it checked it out. Resting with a book and light refreshments isn't a bad thing as we all seem to lead such hectic lives these days. Bags have always been a favourite of mine, still are. Your niece will be thrilled to have one made by you.

  3. How cute are those little people??...
    Rest up - reading is a good option if you are feeling a tad "off"

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