Friday, March 17, 2017

Another UFO Becomes A WIP

Hello and happy Saturday, Peeps!
And a happy Saint Patrick's Day as well.
I woke up earlier than usual this morning and I've been sitting with my coffee and doing some reading in a novel that I began last night.  I needed a break so I'm taking a pause to post as it's been two weeks.
As I promised myself, I'm pursuing my UFO list and have pulled Gail Pan's free BOM blocks out to work on until completion.  They are such pretty designs and I don't remember what side-tracked me at the time.  I had them tucked away to finish later and I suppose later has arrived.  I do love embroidery but when there are French knots to be made I do give my poor arthritic hand & finger joints a bit of a workout.
John and I have been kind of busy doing some projects around the house and we also made a short out-of-town trip last week to take care of some business.  He also offered weeks and weeks ago to take me shopping to replace a chair and I finally was ready to do so yesterday.  I have a nice chair in the family room but this is for the other room which is where I prefer to read or watch TV if John is watching basketball in the family room.
 So off we went to the furniture store to check out the chairs and I chose this one.
Do you remember the story of The Three Bears and Baby Bear wanted a chair that was "just right?"  This one was it.  I could have ordered one in neutral colors but I liked this one.  (It appears slightly purple in the photo but actually it's a burgundy and tan tweed.)   I suppose it just spoke to me.  The store helpers loaded it into John's truck and we headed for home.  I thought it looked just fine with this small homespun quilt on the back which I will use as a throw if I get cold.  Not that that's likely to happen.
Besides stitching on the above project, I am using some inspiration pictures on Pinterest to design a quilt that I have swirling in my mind.  It will incorporate pieced blocks, accented with some embroidery.  That's all I will share until I have something more specific to show you.  I can picture something in my mind but drafting it onto paper is going to take some time and effort.
I'm so glad you decided to visit me.
Please come again!
xo xo xo

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  1. Those Gail Pan blocks are pretty and your chair looks delightfully comfy.