Monday, February 27, 2017

Tight Quarters

👀Good evening, Peeps

I'm sipping on a cuppa tea (and it's so-ooo yummy tonight!) and watching a little bit of the telly.  I'm waiting for my 9:00 program to come on so I'm messing around on the laptop a little, also.
On Saturday morning my BIL came over and built the additional shelves for me so I could re-organize some of my sewing & crafting supplies.  It was simple enough, he just added two more shelves as there was already one.  Nothing fancy or real decorative -- they're for function, not beauty.

After getting my stuff loaded up on them, I shoved the table into the closet and set up my machine and my notions.  It's a better set-up now and I no longer have to sew in the living room.  Well, other than using the treadle which is still in there.  With the table mostly in the closet, there's so much more space in the room.  It truly helps so much.
Sunday was busy with church and visiting my parents with my sisters.
Today I was too fatigued (I have fibromyalgia) to sit and sew.
Speaking of "tight quarters," I wanted to share this photo I saw today on Pinterest.
 The interesting comment below the photo was that a family of fifteen people
lived in this cabin until the 1930s. 
I don't know how they managed but apparently they did.
Just goes to show it's about priorities.
After seeing this, I no longer feel it's ok to complain about my small room!
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  1. Morning... how lucky are we... to have the room for our sewing or even a corner...

  2. Well done. Looks great! Beggars belief how such large families lived in such small cottages. We are indeed spoilt xx

  3. I love it. Looks so organized and so much easier to work in an area that is organized, not chaos!

  4. Lucky you to have a BIL ato come over and build those overly shelves, they look great. Yes we are very blessed with our sewing rooms,corners or even an armchair and small table. Enjoy your day. :)

  5. Nice creative way to address your sewing space needs...and wants. Well done!