Monday, February 13, 2017

A Quilt In Retrospect

💗Hello on this Monday, Dear Peeps.
Today my laptop is behaving nicely so the work done on it yesterday seems to have fixed the problems I had experienced.
I've been quite busy as I've been finding delicious blogs to add to my blog roll on my sidebar and to Follow as a reader.  The list is now well over 100 which is great.  Usually there are updated posts on several every day which makes for a good period of time for reading as I enjoy morning coffee. 
Yesterday was unproductive in regards to sewing and stitching so I'm showing pics of a quilt I made two years ago.  The fabric collection was designed by Susan Branch
 I machine pieced the top then quilted it on my Millennium longarm.
I sold the longarm a year ago when we moved back to Indiana.  Our house doesn't have space for it.
This is the last quilt I've completed.  For quite a long time I did very little sewing at all but recently my interest has returned and I've been busy with UFOs. 
(I wrote a little about them in previous posts.)
Gosh, there are SO MANY projects I'd love to start.  Kind of like going to a buffet and one's
"eyes are bigger than their stomachs," as my mom used to say when we would fill our plates but be unable to eat everything.  My desire to make things can just stir up my imagination but then how busy do I allow myself to be?  I get lazy and say to myself, "I'll do it tomorrow."  But, sometimes tomorrow is not so productive either. 
But that's no reason to quit, right?  I think I'm just over-excited like a kiddo in a toy store and I want to do it all.
Ha Ha Ha
If only I would.
I think maybe my lazy streak pops up a little too often!
Well, dear ones, I'll leave you now and perhaps, after we eat our dinner, I'll do some hand piecing on my grandmother's flower garden.  I'm almost, but not quite, half way finished on joining all the flower blocks.  Progress is slow but it's coming along.  When I do finish, there will likely need a border added.  Well, I'll have to see when the time comes.
Love to you all!
xo xo xo


  1. Beautiful quilt,I will look forward to seeing my grandmothers flower garden

  2. That is a beautiful quilt. I'm new to quilting and have fallen in love with it but I will say it's been a rocky road so far. Lol

  3. What a wonderful quilt! I know I get in a rut all to often and not do much at all.

  4. You have an abundance of lovely quilts it seems and our likes are the same! I finished a Farmer's Wife quilt with the Gnome Angel group last year. I used EPP for 50 of the blocks. It was a lot of work and I feel I need a break from the patchwork blocks for a while. I am just starting Jen Kingwell's Small World.
    I have Leanne's Sew, Laugh, Love pattern to work soon.
    You are so right about the wonderful projects always tempting us! Happy Stitching to You