Friday, February 10, 2017

A New Project And Hoping I Can Make It!

💗💗💗Good Friday morning, dear Peeps and Friends!
I do hope you are having a lovely day.
On Pinterest I've seen so many gorgeous Farmer's Wife quilt blocks that I want to make this quilt.  I just placed an order on amazon for the book so I've made a commitment but, knowing me, I wonder if I will stick with it and actually git-er-dun. 
At one time I purchased the Dear Jane quilt book & CD and gave it a whirl.  After making nine of the blocks, I caved in and quit.  I had multiple reasons for doing so and I'm not regretting that I quit.  I sold the book and software and that ended that.  The Farmer's Wife may become a project that turns into a UFO.  Time will tell.
This quilt in pic below was a block-of-the-month from a quilt shop in Australia.  The designer is Leanne Beasley and the quilt name is "Journey of a Quilter."  I was quite slow in completing it.  I machine pieced it and the applique and embroidery were done by hand stitches.  It isn't quilted yet but I plan to get it quilted either by myself or machine quilted by a friend, perhaps.  I'm still undecided.

Leanne Beasley is so talented and I might do another of her BOM projects eventually.  She has some others that are just as beautiful.  I love the color palettes she uses and also her designs.
Today I want to do some treadle sewing so I'm going to say TTFN.
I'm glad you visited my blog.  Have a great weekend!
xo xo xo

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