Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thrifting Find ~ Organizing the Smaller Stash

I found this prim cupboard on a local thrifting site on FB and bought it.  It's six feet tall and just right inside to store fat quarters and charm packs.  To prevent it from tipping over I fastened it to the wall with a hook.
As I added the contents, I semi-organized them but need to spend more time on the loose charm pack pieces, I see.  Mainly, I just wanted to determine that all of this would fit inside and it does.  I do have a bit more that might be added.  In a prim, quite large, jar I have some jelly rolls and other small bundles.
When all of this FQ and charm pack stash was stored in drawers, it was sometimes difficult to find what I wanted and they would end up in a mess.  I think I will like this arrangement so much better.  Unless I refold some of the FQs the doors do not close completely but I'll tend to that later.
I'm so pleased with it!  I love prim furniture and this is a great addition.

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