Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snowing ~ What's A Person To Do? Organize!

This morning this hungry girl came to visit at the corn trough in our back yard.  She stayed quite a while enjoying her breakfast.  Isn't she pretty!
Last evening I was eating supper and started having upper abdominal pains.  They weren't serious or extremely painful but were bothering me a little bit all through the night when they recurred every little while.  I still have them today and I guess it is a tummy bug.  I might have a low-grade temp, I think probably I do, but fortunately I'm not having nausea or worse.  My tummy is tender and doesn't want much food so I've made do with dry toast, hot tea (earlier), and some soda over ice for now.  I don't feel terrible but I'm not up to par and not feeling like doing anything requiring much effort.
I did take a few minutes earlier to rearrange some of the contents in the cupboard that I posted about yesterday.  I moved the three jelly rolls to the top shelf on top of the two boxes of honey buns.  Then I sorted and re-stacked the loose charm pack squares to make them neat.
The sheep that hangs from one of the door pegs was made by my friend Angela.  I got it from her when we both attended a quilt retreat years ago.  She is so talented and makes all kinds of prim crafts and she creates her own designs and patterns..  Angela has a blog but she's been inactive for a few years.  You can visit her blog here.  I wish she would start posting again!
This little chickie tucked inside rests on a roll of Aunt Grace fat-eighths.  I have had them for a long time and still haven't cut them up.  Not sure where the chicken came from.  Wondering if it's another one of Angela's crafts?  It might be.
The stack below contains some gorgeous French country fabric FQs that I bought in Paducah at the quilt show.  The colors in them are so vibrant.  I'll use them up someday when I think of a project that seems cut-worthy.  Know what I mean?  Too pretty and too special for just any old thing.
Earlier I watched our wonderful Bonnie Hunter from QUILTVILLE on a quiltcam on YouTube.  I haven't caught one that is live yet but I'm going to!  (Click on the word Quiltville above to link to her blog.)
It's going to get very cold tonight and I'm glad I'll be staying inside at home all warm and cozy.

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  1. Lots of great fabric waiting to become something fabulous. I'm thinking I need a new lap quilt. Will need to unpack sewing supplies soon. Thanks for the inspiration.