Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Old Friend Is Back

Sorry I don't have any photos to show but we were able to get peeks out the window into the back yard of six visiting deer just minutes ago.  We know to be cautious to avoid being seen but they are so keen that they sensed or saw us as we peeked.  John says they'll be back later.  He just loves it when they pay us a visit.  I think it's pretty special too.

I've been diligently doing hand sewing on the old project UFO or WIP, whichever one it is, the Grandmother Flower Garden that I began so long ago that I've forgotten exactly when.  Sometimes I knit during our evening TV watching but I'm trying to knit at other times so I can concentrate on hand sewing.  Maybe someday during my lifetime I'll possibly see a finished GFG and look back and grin instead of sighing.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

This is a poor photo but it was a quick snap with my phone.  Last night I got eleven red hexies attached to the outer edge of the flower block.  I'm on block 15 out of 60+ blocks.  Arrgh

I've considered attempting to sew by machine but I'm not convinced that would be much of an improvement.  Any advice out there?

TTFN, good night and be well.

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