Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Knitting Meet-Up

Hello there, Peeps.
Hope your Wednesday is going great.
I met up with two knitty friends this morning at the coffee shop.
Jonnie and Pam
Me and Pam
(my Transitions lenses turned dark as my chair faced the window)
I love getting together with friends for coffee and chat and keeping our hands busy with needlework of any type is fun too.  After our visiting ended, I made a stop at the Dollar Tree to get a few things.  Now that I'm back home I'm being a bit of a slug.  I do have some things on my git-er-dun list but I've found that my comfy chair is a bit too comfy.  I seem to be stuck.

Last evening I moved my treadle sewing machine so I will have enough space to open the lid and use it.  Learn how to use it, I mean.  I've never treadled before but I plan to very soon.  I cleaned it some but didn't get that finished.  There's a new belt to be installed and I'm going to get help with that.  Then I plan to oil it well, change the needle, and start treadling.  I remember watching my mom sew on her treadle when I was a young girl.  I can't hardly wait to do it!

Will be back soon.

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