Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hand Crank Sewing Machine -- A Gift To Me, From Me!

I got myself a Christmas gift -- this vintage sewing machine that was manufactured in Great Britain.

It apparently was once a treadle but was converted into a hand crank.  There is a cover for it but with the crank attached it doesn't fit over the machine.  That's ok with me since I plan to leave it setting out 24/7.  I haven't sewed on one of these before and I imagine it will be a bit tricky to sew using one hand to steady the fabric while the other is turning the crank but I'm as excited as a school girl in spite of that.

Now that I have a treadle and this one, my next plan is to trade someone that I know one of my older machines for one of his.  We've already made the agreement; just need to swap machines.  If only I had a larger space for everything.  I'm squeezing things in wherever I am able!

Hope your Christmas was full of joy.  Our family had some sickness going around but we all managed to celebrate anyway with some changes of plans.  Where there's a will, there's a way.

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  1. Such a lovely machine! Glad yo have found your blog (again)!