Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The First Quilting Class I Took

Good Tuesday morning to you from Indiana.
This morning during my coffee time I've been tweaking my blog, so you probably note the changes and additions.  Get used to it:  I am a blog tweaker.  For now, I have it to my liking, but surely changes will happen again in the future.  I know me.
So, here we are a few days away from Thanksgiving.  Food shopping and preparations, right?  I have everything I need except for fresh cranberries, so I'll pick some up when I go out later.  In my family, the tradition is that I am to supply cranberry salad at our holiday dinners.  No exception this year.  I'm not looking forward to visiting the grocery stores today, though.  Undoubtedly, it will be a busy place.
Last night I was able to finish ripping apart all the blocks from the quilt top (see previous post).  Then I began to pick out the loose threads on the sewing lines.  Arghh.  My fingertips were beginning to feel sore so I quit.  The short stack in the lower part of the pic still needs picked. 
Sorry for the low light in the photo.  I'm using my iPhone for photos because my laptop doesn't receive the card adapter that I have to use to upload photos from my regular camera SD card.  I can't figure that out either.  My old laptop would, but I no longer have it.  John's desktop will do it but I never use his computer.  Guess I may have to if I want to use my point & shoot again for blog pics.  Or, I might update my camera to a different model.  The one I have is fairly old.
In the photo below is the first quilt I pieced and quilted.
In either 1999 or 2000, I can't remember, I took a class for beginners at my local quilt shop.  My now dear friend Pam (I met her when I took the class) was the teacher.  She taught the class how to cut pieces with a rotary cutter, how to machine piece, how to assemble the quilt, and how to get started with the quilting.  I chose to hand quilt this one.  My quilting was so-so and it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  But I got-er-dun.  I think the pattern name for this quilt is Birds and Blooms.  I re-made the quilt blocks because the first blocks were wonky.  I didn't like them and so I started over.  I added the other pieces with hand applique which I do enjoy even though that also goes slowly.  I hung this small quilt on the wall in the guest room recently.  It looks nice contrasted with the light paint color on the wall.
I didn't get any machine quilting practice in yesterday and not sure if I will have time today either  since I have other things that I need to do.  Maybe this evening I'll squeeze it in.  I needed a walking foot for the machine I'm going to be using, so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday.  I need to try it out and make sure it works properly.  It wasn't a cheap little item so I want to be satisfied with it.
John was excited to tell me this morning that he woke up during the night and got up to peek out the window at the corn feeder he recently made for the wildlife that visits us out here.  Standing there was a large buck.  John loves wildlife, and the outdoors, so he was very pleased.  Earlier though, before bedtime, he saw a raccoon inside the feeder happily bingeing away on the corn.  This venture might get expensive!
I'm so glad to be blogging again.  I started my very first blog in January 1997, and since then I've started over a few times.  One of my blogs got hacked and I had to abandon it.  More recently, I lost my muse, or whatever one says, and in frustration I chose to quit.  I truly did not plan to ever blog again.  Yet, here I am.  I'm a female.  I can change my mind, right?
Also, being almost seventy, ( G.A.S.P! ) it's been many, many years since my last English grammar class.  So, please be nice and overlook my little punctuation errors, etc.  I could look things up, I suppose, but, I don't want to.  Call me lazy.
Well, I need to be getting busy otherwise so I will close this post.  I'll be adding more links on my sidebar later when I have time.
So, 'till we meet here again, have a lovely day, or night, wherever you may be.
xo xo xo

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