Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stuff I Needed For Machine Quilting

Happy Wednesday.  We are having some rain this morning.  Our little recently transplanted pine tree will benefit from the rain.  Last minute shoppers will find it a bit of an inconvenience, however.
I've been checking into lots of sources in my quest to learn how to quilt on my sewing machine.  Just about all, perhaps even all, of the videos I have watched have these things in common:
use machine quilting gloves, use a walking foot for non-free motion stitching, and use a Supreme Slider pad on the machine.  All three products were available from  I really am pleased with these gloves.  They fit either hand and are thin and lightweight.  The fingertip grips are great.  The small size fits me nicely and I can truly can an improvement in moving the fabric under the needle when I wear them.

This is the Supreme Slider and the small hole is to be positioned beneath the needle where it can go up and down through it.  The pad is to aid the fabric to move more easily during the stitching.  Before seeing the videos, I had no idea such a product existed.  The Supreme Slider arrived yesterday afternoon and I was busy so I haven't tried it out yet.


All the siggie blocks are picked free of loose seam threads now.  I was spending time with my grandchildren yesterday and they were curious when they saw me picking threads.  We were watching Finding Dory so most of the time they were focused on the screen.
When I make the cranberry salad later I may post the recipe and a few photos in case anyone would like to see it.  Of all the cranberry salad I've had over the years, this is my favorite recipe.  My mother obtained it years ago from a lady in her home economics club.  I was just a girl then and I wouldn't try it.  Silly me.  The same with the dressing.  I refused to try it because it had celery and onions in it.  I'm still a picky eater but, thank goodness, I've grown up a little bit since then.  Nowadays the dressing at Thanksgiving is one of my favorite parts.  And pumpkin pie.  And egg noodles.  And so on and so on.  Yum Yum.   I'm looking forward to tomorrow's dinner, can you tell?
Well, Friends, I hope you have a safe Thanksgiving holiday, including today and the weekend, especially if you're traveling.  Be careful, be safe, and keep a watchful eye out.  Just in case.

I appreciate your visits.  'Till next time,
xo xo xo

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