Monday, November 21, 2016

Setting Up A Corner For Sewing

Me again.
Yep.  Already.
I have a headache and don't feel like working so I'm back
with another post.
On Saturday John helped me set up this table in the living room
as a temporary (or not) sewing corner.
I dislike sitting on this type of chair when I sew so may need to
bring my task chair in here.
The pics above and below give a better look at the portable table pushed up to the machine.
It actually is made to fit a Singer Featherweight but I'm making it work for my purposes.

I asked John to grind off the corner of the table (where it's diagonal in the pic)
so it would fit snugly with the machine.
I no longer sew with a Featherweight so might as well put it to use here.

When we moved here in February we knew there wasn't a room to dedicate as a sewing room so we share the 3rd bedroom for my sewing & crafting and for his office space.  It has worked well but for a while I want to have this additional space.  We don't need a formal living room so it's no problem.

Besides learning to QAYG (see previous post) I want to make a quilt for our king size bed.  I'll need this larger space for sure.  The light is better in the living room which is a definite plus.

It's time to run down to check the mailbox so
I'll say TTFN.
xo xo xo

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