Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Yarn!

It's afternoon coffee time and a good time to post.  This morning one of my friends picked me up and we plus another friend made a yarn shop visit.  I have a store credit there and used some of it to get this beautiful red yarn.
It's going to be a scarf and I will begin the knitting very soon.  The yarn is slightly two-toned but I'm not seeing the variation of color in the photo.  I think it will be beautiful with both my black and my camel wool winter coats.  I haven't chosen a pattern yet as I want to browse through my books and patterns.

After the yarn shop we paid a visit to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places to shop) and I used my 40% coupon on a light with attached magnifier.  I also got a few sewing needles, both for machine and hand sewing.  I've been doing hand-piecing at night and it's nearly impossible to see the needle eye to thread it so I got some I hope will work better.  We three were in agreement that cheeseburgers would be a good lunch choice so we went to Steak and Shake.  Our choice did not disappoint.

Now I'm back home, feet up on the ottoman, coffee in hand, and just about ready to do some machine quilting on my siggie blocks.  I've pondered on what to use for backing and what color of threads to use, and I've decided that since the blocks are of a variety of colors, I'm going to use a variety of fabrics on the backs of the blocks and use threads that match up well with the fabrics.  The back will be scrappy and that's just fine!

While I was out having fun with my friends, John stayed home and did some yard maintenance.  He's working very hard around here to keep the leaves under control and doing a great job of it.

Thanks for your visit.  See you next time right here at Happiness Is.  xo xo xo

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